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Below are a selection of recent news and publications of Pappas & Associates and its members:

  • Towards EU State aid Modernisation: what role do Member
    States and the market play in State aid cases? Contribution by S. Pappas to a Workshop organized by the European Parliament on 30 September 2012:
  • La jurisprudence du tribunal de la fonction publique de l'UE: nouveau départ ou simple développement ? dans "Le Tribunal de la fonction publique de l'Union européenne (TFP) 2005-2010 , Actes du Colloque organisé à l'occasion du 5e anniversaire du TFP", Luxembourg, le 1er octobre 2010, Revue universelle des droits de l'homme, RUDH, 30 juin 2011, Vol. 20 No 1-3 Editions N.P. Engel

    Case law of the European Civil Service Tribunal: Restarting or Continuation ? in "The European Union Civil Service Tribunal (CST) 2005-2010 , Proceedings of the Colloquim organised on the occasion of the 5th Anniversary of the CST", Luxembourg, 1 October 2010, Human Rights Law Journal-HRLJ, 30 June 2011, Vol. 31 No.1, N.P. Engel Publisher

  • Is European audiovisual policy a driver to European identity or a carrier to further globalization? by Spyros A. Pappas (2007)
  • «Η εφαρμογή των κανόνων ανταγωνισμού επί συγχωνεύσεων και η προστασία προσωπικών δεδομένων», Ευρωπαίων Πολιτεία 3/2007 (“Implementation of competition rules in mergers and protection of personal data”, Evropaion Politeia 3/2007)
  • Human health or internal market? A fine balancing act, in EU Reporter, , November 2007-January 2008
  • The status and future of indefinite contracts within the EU by Spyros A. Pappas ( 2007)
  • Bringing the European Union Closer to Its Citizens: The Role of the “European Public Service” and of EIPA

  • The Lisbon Strategy and its implementation, 18.4.2006.

  • Competitiveness and Data protection, by Spyros A. Pappas, published in the Collective Volume in the honor of Prof. A. Georgiades, ed. A. Sakkoulas, Athens 2005.

  • Proaction vs Reaction within the EU speech delivered on the 12.10.2005 in Malta on the occasion of the inauguration of Impetus.

  • Morale and Change in the Union, by Spyros A. Pappas, published in “Everything Flows: Essays on Public Affairs and Change”, Landmarks in association with ECPA, 2005, Brussels.

  • Η αρµοδιότητα έκδοσης κανονιστικών «εκτελεστικών» πράξεων από την Ευρωπαϊκή Επιτροπή (The competence of the European Commission to issue regulatory “executive” decisions, in the Volume for the 75th anniversary of the Conseil d’Etat, 2004).

  • A new era of competition policy ? Competition DG and the control of the Court of First Instance of the European Communities.
    by Spyros Pappas and David Demortain. Published in “Competition Policy in Europe”, Springer-Verlag Berlin-Heidelberg, 2004

  • The institutional alteration of the right of initative of the European Commission, (En) (Gr) by Spyros A. Pappas, in Futurum and in Problèmes d’interprétation à la mémoire de Constantinos N. Kakouris, éd. Sakkoula-Bruylant, 2003.

  • Rationalizing Sport Policy in the European Union. by Spyros A. Pappas ( 2002).

  • “The new European Governance” , published in 2001 in the European weekly “The New Europe” and in the Greek newspaper “Ependitis”.

  • “Culture and Audiovisual” , published in 2001

  • Τα παραλειπόμενα της Νίκαιας: Μύθοι και πραγματικότητες, 2000

  • Digital Television and EU Audiovisual Policy, 1999

  • Η τηλεόραση στο πλαίσιο της σύγκλισης των τηλεπικοινωνιών, των µέσων µαζικής ενηµέρωσης και της τεχνολογίας πληροφοριών (22.10.1998).
    La télévision dans le contexte de la convergence des telecommunications, des medias et des technologies d’information (22.10.1998).

  • Déontologie et pratiques journalistiques internationales : les Modèles européens par Spyros Pappas (1998).

  • Cultura: Il nuovo programma, 1998

  • Informar a los ciudadanos de la UE :un reto y una necesidad, 1998

  • The European partnership through national administrative procedures for preparation and implementation of community decisions, in National Administrative Procedures for the Preparation and Implementation of Community Decisions, EIPA 1994
  • La formation des magistrats en droit communautaire, par Spyros Pappas (1993).

  • La bureaucratie bruxeloise, mosaïque composite, in L’Etat de l’Europe, 1990
  • Définition des politiques publiques, in REVISTA (STE), 1988
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